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Free Tourist Attractions in Scotland.

Visitor Attraction: New Lanark Village and Visitor Centre

(World Heritage Site)

Location: Lanark

Details: Over 200 years ago the impressive sandstone cotton mills of New Lanark were built by an enterprising Scot, David Dale, in a dramatic gorge in Southern Scotland, close to the famous Falls of Clyde.
Soon the village became known all over the world under the enlightened management of Dale’s
son-in-law, the social pioneer, Robert Owen. In an age of cruel mill managers and ‘dark, satanic mills’ he provided decent homes, fair wages, free health care and a new education system for villagers, which included the first nursery school in the world.
Today, as you wander around the village and surrounding Wildlife Reserve, it is easy to imagine how people lived and worked in Owen’s day.
New Lanark has been carefully restored as a living community, and visitors are welcome
to explore the fascinating history of the village in the award-winning Visitor Centre, or stay overnight in the New Lanark Mill Hotel and self-catering cottages. Exciting family attractions bring the story of New Lanark and its people to life for everyone to enjoy. As in Owen’s time, the name New Lanark is spreading around the world and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It makes a wonderful family day out and is a great place to take school children for an educational visit.

There are Special Events throughout the year including Victorian Fair (first Sunday in September) and The Christmas Experience (from mid-November)

New Lanark Village

Website: New Lanark Village


New Lanark World Heritage Site
South Lanarkshire, Scotland ML11 9DB
Tel: +44 1555 661345 


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Free Tourist Attractions in Scotland

Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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