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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Gaelic Song Lyrics - words for some top Scottish songs

Chi Mi na Mrbheanna

Sist (Chorus):
O, ch, ch mi na mrbheanna,
O, ch, ch mi na crr-bheanna,
O, ch, ch mi na coireachan,
Ch mi na sgran fo che.

Ch mi gun dil an t-ite 's an d'rugadh mi,
Cuirear orm filte 's a' chnain a thuigeas mi,
Gheibh mi ann aoigh agus grdh 'nuair a ruigeam,
Nach reicinn air tunnachan ir.

Ch mi na coilltean, ch mi na doireachan,
Ch mi na maghan bna, as toraiche,
Ch mi na fidh air lr nan coireachan
Falaicht' ann an trusgan de che.

Translation into English

I See the Great Mountains

O I will see, see the great mountains,
O I will see, see the lofty mountains,
O I will see, see the corries,
I will see the peaks under mist.

I will see, without delay, the place where I was born,
A welcome will be put on me in the language I understand,
I will receive in it joy and love when I arrive,
That I would not sell for tons of gold.

I will see the woods, I will see the groves,
I will see the fair fields, more fertile,
I will see the deer at the foot of the corries
Enshrouded in a mantle of mist.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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