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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Gaelic Song Lyrics - words for some top Scottish songs

Haoidh o

Haoidh o haoidh o-ho
Haoidh o a hi u bho
Haoidh o haidh o-ho
An cuala sibh mun mhaighdeann chitich
Air an tug Niall Bn an iginn
Air taobh beinne ri latha grineadh
'S truagh a rgh nach b'e mi fhin i
'S mi nach danadh glaodh no ughach
Cha srcainn brollach a lineadh
Na srcadh gu fuaghlainn fhin i
Le snthaid bhig 's le snth gl gheal
'S nighinn ann an sruthan slibh i
'S truagh gun mise 's an t-g gasda
Gun duin' air bith bhith nar faisge
Thigeamaid gu cliteach dhachaidh
Mar gum psamaid o 'n altair

Translation into English

Haoidh o
Haoidh o haoidh o-ho
Haoidh o a hi u bho
Haoidh o haidh o-ho
Did you hear about the beautiful maiden
The one that Niall Bn violated
At the mountain-side on a sunny day
I wish it had been me
I wouldn't have torn his shirt front
And if I had I, myself, would have sown it
WIth a small needle and fine white thread
And I'd wash it in the mountain stream
Tis a pity that I wasn't with the handsome young man
Without a soul near us
We would proudly return home
As if married from the altar

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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