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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Gaelic Song Lyrics - words for some top Scottish songs

Mo rn geal dleas

Mo rn geal dleas, dleas, dleas
Mo rn geal dleas nach till thu nall
Cha till mi fhin riut, a ghaoi chan fhaod mi
'S ann tha mi ghaoil 'na mo laighe tinn
Is truagh nach robh mi an riochd na faoilinn
A shnmhadh aotrom air bhrr nan tonn
Is bheirinn sgrobag don eilean Ileach
Far bheil an rbhinn dh'fhg m'inntinn trom
Thug mi mos ann am fiabhras claoidhte
Gun dil rium oidhche gum bithinn be
B'e fth mo smaointean a l 's a dh'oidhche
Gum faighinn faochadh is tu bhi 'm chir.
Cha bhi mi str ris a' chraoibh nach lb leam
Ged chinneach bhlan air bhrr gach gig
Mo shoraidh sln leat ma rinn thu m'fhgail
Cha tinig trigh gun muir-ln na dhidh

Translation into English

My fair and faithful love
My fair and faithful, faithful love
My fair and faithful love would that you returned to me
I will not return to you, love, I cannot
For I am lying here, my love, on my sick-bed
If only I could take the form of a seagull
Swminning lightly over the waves
I would make a journey to the Island of Islay
Where lives the girl who made my heart heavy
I spent a month stricken with a fever
Uncertain I should survive each night
The subject of my thoughts night and day
That I would recover and have you with me
I will not struggle with a tree that will not bend for me
Although there would be apples on every branch
Farewell forever of you have deserted me
There was never an ebbing tide without a full tide to follow

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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