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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Gaelic Song Lyrics - words for some top Scottish songs

Thig am bàta (the boat will come) by Julie Fowler

Thig am bàta àill i ̣
Ro àilleagan àill i ̣
Moch a-màireach haoi ̣
Ro àilleagan àill i ̣
Bidh m' athair innte
's mo thriùir bhràithrean
Mo chèile donn
air ràmh bràghad
Gheibh iad mise
air mo bhàthadh
Togaidh iad mi
air na ràmhan
Mo thrusgan donn
Snàmh na fairge
Mo chuailean donn
Am measg nan carraigean
Mo bhroids airgid
Am measg nan gainmheach
Cha b' e 'n t-acras
chuir dhan tràigh mi
Miann an duileasg
miann nam bàirneach
Ṣraidh eile
gu mo phàisdean
Fear dhiubh bliadhna
fear a dhà dhiubh
A' fear bliadhna
nach eil làidir
Dh' fhàg mi e
as a' chùlaist
Iarraidh e a-nochd
ćoch a mhàthar
Ma dh' iarr chan fhaigh e
ach sùgan sàile
O mo mhollachd
Aig bean eudaich
Dh' fhàg i mise
'S an sgeir bhàthte
Thig am bàta
moch a-màireach
Gheibh iad mise
air mo bhàthadh.
The boat will come, àill i ̣
Ro àilleagan àill i ̣
Early tomorrow haoi ̣
Ro àilleagan àill i ̣
My father will be on board and my three brothers.
My brown-haired husband at the breast-oar.
They'll find me drowned.
They will lift me up on the oars.
My brown cloak swimming in the sea.
My brown locks among the carageen.
My silver broch among the sand.
It wasn't hunger that sent me to the shore
or a craving for dulse or limpets.
Another farewell to my little ones,
one a year old, one a two year old.
The year old, who is not strong,
I left him in the back room.
Tonight he will ask for his mother's breast.
If he does he will get only sea-water.
Oh my curses on the jealous woman
She left me on the rock of drowning
The boat will come early tomorrow,
They'll find me drowned.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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