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Scottish History Timeline

A chronological record of the most important events in the history of Scotland.


18th Century History of Scotland timeline

1707: The Union of the Parliaments: the Acts of Union are passed by both the Scottish and English parliaments.


1715: First Jacobite rising.


1725: Glasgow occupied by General Wade's army.

General Wade



1744: The world's first Golf Club (the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers) was founded.


1745: Second Jacobite rising.


1746: The Battle of Culloden ends the second Jacobite rising. Taking place on 16 April 1746, the battle pitted the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart against an army commanded by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, loyal to the British government. Between 1,500 and 2,000 Jacobites were killed or wounded, while Government losses were just 50 dead and 259 wounded.




1754: Joseph Black discovers 'fixed air' (carbon dioxide).


1762: Land tenure reform leads to the Highland Clearances and massive emigration for several decades.


The remains of Grumbeg Village, Loch Naver

The remains of Grumbeg Village, Loch Naver



1768: The first edition of the 'Encylopaedia Britannica' is published in Edinburgh by William Smellie


1769: James Watt patents and idea for separate condensing chamber in the Steam engine.

James Watt



1771: Sir Walter Scott (novelist and poet) is born.

Sir Walter Scott



1772: Construction of the North Bridge in Edinburgh, designed by Robert Adam, is completed.

North Bridge in Edinburgh



1776: Adam Smith, a professor at Glasgow University, publishes Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith



1780: The construction of the Forth and Clyde Canal is completed

Forth and Clyde Canal

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