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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Scottish History : Scotland has a fascinating history . . . read on . . .

Scottish Protestant Reformation

Around the 16th century, Scotland went through the Protestant Reformation. In the beginning of this century, a strong Protestant gathering started to follow the teachings of Martin Luther and John Gavin. Although, people tried to deter these Protestant ideas by executing a number of their leaders, such as Patrick Hamilton and George Wishart, these ideas continue to spread and gain popularity. The Reformation of the Scottish Church was followed by a short civil war. In 1560 a reformed confession of faith was adopted by parliament. Perhaps, the most influential person during the Protestant Reformation was John Knox. Even though, Queen Mary was Roman Catholic, she still tolerated Protestantism and she would give birth to James VI, who was raised as a Protestant.

Bishops Wars
These wars are also called the Bellum Episcopale, these conflicts occurred in 1639 and 1640. The war was really about the Church of Scotland and the rights and powers of the crown. Charles I wanted to have an espicopalian system of church government.

War of the Three Kingdoms
These wars occurred between 1644 and 1651, they were a series of civil wars between Ireland, Scotland and England. Historians include the Irish Confederate War, English Civil War and Bishop Wars. The wars that were fought in Scotland, were between the supporters of Charles I and Scottish Royalists.

Glorious Revolution
For the majority of the 1600s, Scotland and England were having major religious issues. The English common wealth consisted of England, Ireland and Scotland during parts of the 1600s but ended when Charles II recognized the Church of England (Christian Church) which was both Reformed and Catholic. Problems were caused when Charles IIs brother James VII was given the throne and tried to pass religious laws which allowed for religious acceptance.
The Revolution of 1688 or Glorious Revolution was masterminded by Parliament who sent a Dutch led army to overthrow King James VII of Scotland. This Revolution began shortly after King James wife gave birth to a son, until his son was born the throne eventually would have been given to his daughter Mary a Protestant but after his son was born, the throne would have been given to his Catholic son. Parliament feared Catholicism spreading and becoming popular. Seven noble men who later became known as the 'Immortal seven' sent an invitation to William of Orange to get rid of James so that William of Orange and his wife Mary could get the throne. They accepted, and the Glorious Revolution had officially changed Scotland's Monarch.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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