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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Scottish History : Scotland has a fascinating history . . . read on . . .

Industrial Revolution

A massive number of Scottish Highlanders would migrate to the lower cities and would become the labour force which propelled the Industrial Revolution in Scotland. The Scottish Agricultural Revolution was also occurring in the Scottish lowlands around the same time and would turn the old agriculture system into one of the best in Europe. Since Scotland was a part of England at the time, Britain's success would help Scotland prosper, as England grew more powerful and industrialized, so did Scotland.
The new factory system put in place in Scotland and England made workers more productive and put traditional workers out of business. The chemical revolution spearheaded by Joseph Black's discovery of carbon dioxide soon led to the development of other new chemicals. The new chemicals would be used in the Scottish Commercial Revolution for example bleach was created from mixing chemicals and would become a huge success in the market. Scotland was also making new trade partners in Asia and other parts of Europe.
During this time period many Scots migrated to the British colonies in Canada, the US and Nova Scotia (New Scotland).


Diseases in the City
The industrial Revolution bought many more people to the city centres and by the 1800s about 75 percent of the whole Scottish population lived in large villages or cities. The influx of people created crowded living quarters and led to epidemics spreading more easily such as fevers, tuberculosis and cholera. New buildings, sewage systems and hospitals were created to prevent more illnesses, and deaths from occurring.


Slavery is Abolished
The Scots abolished slavery after the famous case of Joseph Knight, an African slave who claimed wages and escaped when he wasn't paid, once Knight was captured, the judge upheld his freedom. By 1779, slavery would already be abolished in Scotland; they abolished slavery faster than many other nations such as the United States.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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