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Scottish History : Scotland has a fascinating history . . . read on . . .

Kingdom of Alba

Scotland became the Kingdom of Alba between 900 after Constantine II died and 1286 when Alexander III died, right before the wars for independence. Alba is a Gaelic name for Scotland created by Constantine II.
Constantine's Stone of Destiny coronation would become a ritual for all the kings that followed him and showed how important Gaelic traditions were to the kingdom of Alba. During Constantine's reign, the noble elite became the Pictish and Gaels of the region, no longer were the lowland Scots and middle English speakers of the Stuart period in power.
After Constantine some other notable rulers were Malcom I, Malcom II and Alexander III. During the reign of these rulers Scotland expanded its boundaries while maintaining a roller coaster relationship with England.
The Kingdom of Alba originally only contained the north and west regions of Scotland before expanding. This time period included many struggles and conflicts between the noble Gaelic and other groups.

Stone of Destiny

Macbeth who William Shakespeare later wrote a loosely based famous play about was known as the Red King of Alba from 1040 until 1057. He was involved in a heated conflict between many exiles of his court and eventually was killed in the battle of Lumphanan. After his death, he was vilified as in the 'The Tragedy of Macbeth'.


Queen Margaret (Saint Margaret - patron Saint of Scotland)
Margaret was the sibling of Edgere Aethling and later married Malcolm III while seeking a safe haven in Scotland. She had 8 children which strayed from the customary Gaelic names that people usually gave their children. She was the first person to encourage Benedictine monks in the region. She passed away on November 1093 three days after her husband and oldest son perished. Her head would later become a religious relic throughout Scotland.

Saint Margaret of Scotland

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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