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Top 10 Scottish Inventors.

Biography of Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of The Telephone

Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell

Most Famous Invention: Telephone


           Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He was the middle boy of three brothers, leading a jokester to once quip that he was the meat in the sandwich.  He also had two sisters, both of whom had died in their infancy.

          During their younger years, both Aleck as he was then called and his two brothers were educated at home by their father.  Young Aleck was anything but a well disciplined student, much to the utmost dismay of his father.  If he was interested in the subject, as he was in science, then he was quite apt to excel in that part of his studies, but if he was not interested, well, it was rather like pulling hens’ teeth for his father to be able to get him to retain any of the information which he was trying to impart to him.

          When he became slightly older, Aleck was enrolled in the Royal High School in Edinburgh, Scotland where he maintained the same sort of scholastic interests as he had when studying under his father’s tutelage.  He left school at the age of fifteen having completed only what the British refer to as the first four forms.


Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

          Aleck went to live with his grandfather for a time and it was from him he learned to love learning about various things, although science was always by far his top preference.  He later attended the University of Edinburgh.  He also went on to become an instructor at Sumerset College, Bath, Somerset.  Quite an accomplishment considering his earlier interests in studying and quite pleasing to his father.

          Both Aleck’s mother and his wife Mabel Hubbard whom he married in 1877 were deaf and it was this that led Aleck into the study of the telephone, actually searching for some sort of communication device which would help them with hearing.

          As Aleck was about to test the telephone, he accidentally spilled some battery acid on his clothing and exclaimed, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.”  This was the first telephone call and the accident with the battery acid was quickly forgotten in the success of the telephone itself.

          Alexander Graham Bell died August 1, 1922 in Baddek, Nova Scotia and the telephone, which some called a mere toy, has continued on.


Alexander Graham Bell - Early Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell Telephone

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