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Scottish Rivers - information and pictures on some of the most beautiful rivers in Scotland.

River : River Clyde 

3rd Longest River in Scotland

River Length km Length miles Description
River Clyde  171  106 The Clyde is formed by the confluence of two streams, the Daer Water (the headwaters of which are dammed to form the Daer Reservoir) and the Potrail Water. They meet at Watermeetings to form the River Clyde proper.
From there it snakes northeastward before turning to the west until it reaches the town of Lanark. It turns northwest, before it is joined by the River Avon and flows into the West of Scotland conurbation. Between the towns of Motherwell and Hamilton the course of the river has been altered to create the artificial loch within Strathclyde Park. Part of the original course can still be seen, and lies between the island and the east shore of the loch. The river then flows through Blantyre and Bothwell, where the ruined Bothwell Castle stands on a defensible promontory.
Past Uddingston and into the southeast of Glasgow the river begins to widen, meandering a course through Rutherglen and Dalmarnock. Flowing past Glasgow Green, the river is artificially straightened and widened through the centre, and although a footbridge now hinders access to the traditional Broomielaw, seagoing ships can still come upriver as far as Finnieston where the PS Waverley docks. From there, it flows past the shipbuilding heartlands, through Govan, Partick, Whiteinch, Scotstoun and Clydebank, all of which once housed major shipyards. The river flows out west of Glasgow, past Renfrew, and under the Erskine Bridge past Dumbarton on the north shore to the sandbank at Ardmore Point between Cardross and Helensburgh. Opposite, on the south shore, the river continues past the last Lower Clyde shipyard at Port Glasgow to Greenock where it reaches the Tail of the Bank as the river merges into the Firth of Clyde.
There are around 72 bridges (rail, road, foot and other) that cross the Clyde, from estuary to source.



The River Clyde at Glasgow

The River Clyde at Glasgow



The Clyde Walkway  

The Clyde Walkway takes you on a 65km / 40 mile journey, from Glasgow City Centre to the World Heritage Site of New Lanark, passing through spectacular scenery and many interesting and important sites which offer insights into the rich cultural, natural and industrial heritage of the Clyde Valley.


Visit the website for more info: Clyde Walkway


Clyde Stride

Fancy a 40 mile Ultra Marathon? Run the Clyde Walkway.

This is race 6 of the Montane Scottish Ultra Marathon Series
The Clyde Stride provides the opportunity to race along one of Scotland’s most accessible new pathways. It runs from Glasgow (Partick Railway Station) along the Clyde through Strathclyde Regional Park, the Unesco World Heritage Site at New Lanark, and the Falls of Clyde Nature Reserve to finish at Bonnington Linn. The superb track and scenery ensure a rapid rise to ultra stardom for the The Stride.

NOTE : your webmaster completed this race in 2010!!!


Visit the website for more info: Clyde Stride



The Song of the Clyde

Words and music by
Sung by KENNETH McKELLAR (1963)


I sing of a river I'm happy beside.
The song that I sing is a song of the Clyde.
Of all Scottish rivers it's dearest to me.
It flows from Leadhills all the way to the sea.
It borders the orchards of Lanark so fair,
Meanders through meadows with sheep grazing there,
But from Glasgow to Greenock, in towns on each side,
The hammers' "ding-dong" is the song of the Clyde.

CHORUS: Oh the river Clyde, the wonderful Clyde!
The name of it thrills me and fills me with pride,
And I'm satisfied, whate'er may betide,
The sweetest of song is the song of the Clyde.

Imagine we've left Craigendoran behind,
And wind-happy yachts by Kilcreggan we find.
At Kirn and Dunoon and Innellan we stay,
Then Scotland’s Madeira—that's Rothesay, they say—
Or maybe by Fairlie and Largs we will go,
Or over to Millport that thrills people so,
Maybe journey to Arran it can't be denied,
Those scenes all belong to the song of the Clyde.



When sun sets on dockland there's beauty to see.
The cry of a sea bird is music to me.
The blast of a horn loudly echoes, and then
A stillness descends on the water again.
'Tis here that the sea-going liners are born:
But, unlike the salmon, they seldom return.
Can you wonder the Scots, o'er the ocean so wide,
Should constantly long for the song of the Clyde?



There's Paw an' Maw at Glasgow Broomielaw.
They're goin' "doon the water" for "The Fair."
There's Bob an' Mary, on the Govan Ferry,
Wishin' jet propulsion could be there.
There's steamers cruisin', and there's "buddies" snoozin',
And there's laddies fishin' frae the pier;
An' Paw's perspirin', very near expirin',
As he rows a boat frae there to here.

With eyes a-flashin', it is voted "smashin",
To be walkin' daily on the prom:
And May and Evelyn are in seventh heaven
As thy stroll along with Dick and Tom;
And Dumbarton Rock to ev'ry Jean and Jock,
Extends a welcome that is high and wide:
Seems to know that they are on their homeward way
To hear the song of the Clyde.




Pictures of the River Clyde


River Clyde just before touchdown at Glasgow Airport

The South Rotunda on Clydeside

River Clyde Freezes January 2010 Cone Stuck in Ice

Clyde Estuary

River Clyde Glasgow The river has frozen over January 2010

A narrow River Clyde at New Lanark

Erskine Bridge over the River Clyde from Old Kilpatrick

The Clyde Estuary from Inverkip

River Clyde at Port Glasgow

Glasgow Science Center on the River Clyde

The Finnieston Crane on the Clyde near Glasgow

Foggy morning over the Clyde

River Clyde at Clydebank

Squinty Bridge over the River Clyde Glasgow City Centre

Newark Castle near Port Glasgow on the Clyde

Science Centre on the banks of the River Clyde

River Clyde at Clydebank with the QE2 under construction 1967

Sunset over the Clyde Estuary Gourock

River Clyde Frozen January 2010

Bridge over the River Clyde at Low Blantyre

New Lanark and the River Clyde

Glasgow Armadillo set on the banks of the River Clyde

Greater Cumbrae

River Clyde at New Lanark

River Clyde by Moonlight

View from the top of Lyle Hill overlooking the River Clyde at Greenock

Looking over the River Clyde to Festival Park Glasgow

River Clyde at Glasgow

River Clyde view looking towards Glasgow

Falls of the Clyde

Finnieston Crane and the Squinty Bridge

River Clyde below Cora Linn

George V Bridge over the Clyde at Glasgow

The Waverley paddle steamer on the River Clyde

Clyde marines tug Bruiser working the head of the tanker Marida Mimosa at Yoker

Bridge over the River Clyde from Glasgow City Centre

Dunoon on the Clyde Estuary

The Free French Memorial on Lyle Hill above Greenock with Gourock the River Clyde and the Argyll hills

Pedestrian suspension bridge over the Clyde at Glasgow City Centre

Armadillo Glasgow on the banks of the River Clyde

Dumbarton Rock and Castle on the River Clyde

Night View on the River Clyde

River Clyde at Rosebank

Waverley on the Clyde near Helensburgh

American warship on the River Clyde

Mouth of the River Cart where it flows into the Clyde Joh Browns Yard used this area when launching the Cunard Liners

BBC Scotland Building on the banks of the Clyde

River Clyde and Victoria Bridge at Glasgow

Dumbarton Rock on the Clyde from West Ferry

Custom House Quay on the River Clyde at Glasgow

River Clyde west of Glasgow

Sunset over the River Clyde

Navigation buoys and lights on the River Clyde near Port Glasgow

Yacht in the Clyde estuary

Finnieston Crane and the Clyde Arc Glasgow at Night

River Clyde Freezes Picture taken between Science Centre and the Squinty Bridge

River Clyde at Low Blantyre

Finnieston Crane on the Clydeside

Fast flowing River Clyde at New Lanark

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