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Scottish Rivers - information and pictures on some of the most beautiful rivers in Scotland.

River : River Findhorn 

9th Longest River in Scotland

River Length km Length miles Description
River Findhorn   101  63 The River Findhorn (Scottish Gaelic: Uisge Eireann) is one of the longest rivers in Scotland. Located in the north east, it flows into the Moray Firth on the north coast. The river rises in the Monadhliath Mountains and flows through Strathdearn past Tomatin and down to the small town of Forres before reaching Findhorn Bay. It has one of the largest non-firth estuaries in Scotland. There is salmon fishing and white water rafting on the river.

Tributaries of the Findhorn: Abhainn Cro-chlach, River Eskin, Elrick Burn, Funtack Burn, Rhilean Burn, Leonach Burn, Tomlach Burn,
Red Burn, Derback Burn and Muckle Burn



Pictures of the River Findhorn


Scots pine and birch trees in autumn sunlight on the banks of the River Findhorn

Bridges over the River Findhorn at Tomatin

View from the bridge up River Findhorn away from the Gorge

Dulsie Bridge

Canoeing at Relugas on the River Findhorn

Randolphs Leap on the River Findhorn

White water rafting on the River Findhorn

Randolphs Leap Water Pots on the River Findhorn

River Findhorn near Dulsie

River Findhorn at Dulsie

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