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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

A short Scottish Script for your amusement . . . so funny you may well laugh your socks off (provided you're not wearing your wellies.

Script Title : UK teacher jailed over teddy row by Stuart Macfarlane

Script :

Headline: UK teacher jailed over teddy row
A British teacher has been found guilty in Sudan of insulting religion after she allowed her primary school class to name a teddy bear Muhammad.
Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, has been sentenced to 15 days in prison and will then be deported.
She escaped conviction for inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs, and will now appeal.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband has expressed 'in the strongest terms' the UK's concern at her detention.


Date: 30 November 2007


Helen: Where you been Betty - I haven't seen you for weeks.

Betty: I've been in the jail, so I have.

Helen: Jail?

Betty: Yeah - four weeks in the bloody jail.

Helen: Your kidding!

Betty: No - some people got annoyed at the name I gave my baby.

Helen: Away! Did you call him Muhammad and get those Mosklims annoyed.

Betty: No - I know better than to call him Muhammad.

Helen: Well did you call him Jesus and get the Pope all upset?

Betty: Don't be stupid!

Helen: Was it Abraham? Did you go and upset all your Jewish friends.

Betty: No! I wouldn't do that.

Helen: Well what did you call the wee soul then?

Betty: Inra . . . Inra-Cludgie

Helen: Inra! - Who did that offend - Church of Scotland? Hindus? Buddhists? Sikhs? Chinese Universists? Scientologists?

Betty: No! I didn't offend any religious groups.

Helen: So why did you get bunged up in prison for calling the baby Inra?

Betty: Cos it's such a shite name.

Helen: True . . . good point.

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Script is copyright Stuart Macfarlane - you are free to use it provided you request permission from the webmaster.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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