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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

The best songs in Scotland!! From out TOP 100 Scottish Songs :

Song Title : The Day We Went to Rothesay, O! by Unknown

Song :

One Hogmany at Glesca Fair,
There was me, mysel' and sev'ral mair,
We a' went off to hae a tear
An' spend the nicht in Rothesay, O,
We wandered thro' the Broomielaw,
Thro' wind an' rain an' sleet an' snaw,
And at forty minutes after twa,
We got the length o' Rothesay, O.

A dirrum a doo a dum a day,
A dirrum a doo a daddy O,
A dirrum a doo a dum a day,
The day we went to Rothesay, O.

A sodger lad named Ru'glen Will,
Wha's regiment's lyin' at Barra Hill,
Gaed off wi' a tanner to get a gill
In a public hoose in Rothesay, O.
Said he 'I think I'd like to sing'
Said I 'Ye'll no' dae sic a thing'
He said 'Clear the room and I'll mak' a ring
And I'll fecht them all in Rothesay, O.


In search of lodgins we did slide,
To find a place where we could bide;
There was eighty-twa o' us inside
In a single room in Rothesay, O.
We a' lay doon to tak' our ease,
When somebody happened for to sneeze,
And he wakened half a million fleas
In a single room in Rothesay, O.


There were several different kinds of bugs,
Some had feet like dyer's clogs,
And they sat on the bed and they cockit their lugs,
And cried 'Hurrah for Rothesay, O !
'O noo', says I, 'we'll have to 'lope'
So we went and joined the Band O'Hope,
But the polis wouldna let us stop
Another nicht in Rothesay, O.

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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