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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

What could be better that a cocktail made from the finest Scottish Whisky?

Drinking it on its own I guess . . . but then everyone to their own taste.

So, if you want to mess with perfection, try one of our 1,000 whisky cocktail recipes!


Scottish Whisky Cocktail Recipes - 4


Crazy Moose recipe

Crazy Ninja recipe

Creme Dream recipe

Creole Lady recipe

Crime Loyal recipe

Crooked Monkey recipe

Crowbar recipe

Crown and Choke recipe

Crown Jewel recipe

Crown the King recipe

Crystal Cranberry recipe

Crystal Virgin recipe

Cuban Cherry recipe

Culloden recipe

Cum in a Blender recipe

Cumulus recipe

Cuntrat Supreme recipe

Cutty Cobbler recipe

Cutty Collins recipe

Cutty Rickey recipe

Daily Mail recipe

Daisy Dueller recipe

Dakota recipe

Dalton recipe

Damned If You Do recipe

Dancing Dutchman recipe

Dancing Leprechaun recipe

Dandy Cocktail recipe

David Caradine recipe

Daytona Rolling Thunder recipe

Dead Bastard recipe

Dead Dog recipe

Dead Hand recipe

Death Sentence recipe

Debonaire Cocktail recipe

Deerslayer recipe

Delta Cocktail recipe

Depressed Goalie recipe

Derby Fizz recipe

DeRosier recipe

Desert Bastard recipe

Deshler Cocktail recipe

Devil Juice recipe

Dew recipe

Dianne-On-The-Tower recipe

Dick in the Dirt recipe

Dickel & Dew recipe

Dickie Ward recipe

Dinah Cocktail recipe

Dirty Butt Whore recipe

Dirty Sock recipe

Dixie Dew recipe

Dixie Julep recipe

Dixie Stinger recipe

Dixie whisky Cocktail recipe

Dixieland Tea recipe

Doc Holiday recipe

Don Pedro recipe

Donkey Punch recipe

Double Brit recipe

Double Standard Sour recipe

Douchebag recipe

Dr Jack recipe

Dr. Canadian recipe

Dr. Pecker recipe

Drambuie Cider recipe

Drambuie Coffee recipe

Drambuie Espresso Martini recipe

Drop the Hammer on the Turkey recipe

Drunk on Christmas recipe

Dry Manhattan recipe

Dry Rob Roy recipe

Dublin Doubler recipe

Dubliner recipe

Dubonnet Manhattan recipe

Duck Cocktail recipe

Duck Soup recipe

DumbKiss recipe

Duncan MacLeod recipe

Dundee Dream recipe

Dusty Bill recipe

Dusty Martini recipe

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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