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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

What could be better that a cocktail made from the finest Scottish Whisky?

Drinking it on its own I guess . . . but then everyone to their own taste.

So, if you want to mess with perfection, try one of our 1,000 whisky cocktail recipes!


Scottish Whisky Cocktail Recipes - 6


Hair of the Dog recipe

Hairy Ass recipe

Hairy Muff recipe

Half-Man Half-Wit recipe

Hara Kiwi recipe

Harry Boy recipe

Hawaiian Stone Sour recipe

Hearty Susan recipe

Heather Blush recipe

Hell Bender recipe

Hell Hole recipe

Help Wanted recipe

Hershey Squirts recipe

High Road recipe

Highball Cocktail recipe

Highland Cooler recipe

Highland Cream recipe

Highland Fling Cocktail recipe

Highland Margarita recipe

Highland Sling recipe

Highlander recipe

Hiroshima Cocktail recipe

Hobble Gobble recipe

Hole-In-One recipe

Holiday Egg Nogg recipe

Hoot Mon Cocktail recipe

Hoots Mon recipe

Horse and Rider recipe

Horse Feathers recipe

Hot Bitch recipe

Hot Brick Toddy recipe

Hot Butter Scotch Toddy recipe

Hot Buttered Jim recipe

Hot Damn Shooter recipe

Hot Deck recipe

Hot Irish recipe

Hot Minty Kiss recipe

Hot Mon recipe

Hot Pecker recipe

Hot Penny Rum recipe

Hot Scotch Nightcap recipe

Hot whisky Punch recipe

Hot whisky recipe

Hot whisky Toddy recipe

Hpno Chronic recipe

Hunter Cocktail recipe

I Like To Drink recipe

I See Dead People recipe

Iced Jim recipe

Iced Velvet recipe

Iced Wild Turkey Hill recipe

Imagination recipe

Imperial Fizz recipe

Indiana Jones recipe

Inedible Cocktail recipe

Ink Street recipe

Irish Blackthorn recipe

Irish Canadian recipe

Irish Catholic recipe

Irish Coffee (Simple) recipe

Irish Coffee recipe

Irish Cream Liqueur recipe

Irish Cream Liqueur recipe

Irish Cream, Home Made recipe

Irish Energy recipe

Irish Highball recipe

Irish Martini recipe

Irish Mist Coffee recipe

Irish Redhead recipe

Irish Rickey recipe

Irish Shillelagh recipe

Irish Spring recipe

Irish whisky Cocktail recipe

Irish whisky Highball recipe

Ironlung recipe

Island Jim recipe

Italian Crown recipe

Italian Heather recipe

Jack the Ripper recipe

Jackknife recipe

Jackshoe recipe

Jackson Jack recipe

Jamaican Beer recipe

James The Second Comes First recipe

Japanese Fizz recipe

Japanese Jim recipe

Jay Leno recipe

Jersey Gentleman recipe

Jillionaire recipe

Jim and Jill Went Up the Hill recipe

Jim and the Doctor recipe

Jim Beam and Coke recipe

Jim Beam and Ginger recipe

Jim Cox recipe

Jim Frost recipe

Jim Pepper recipe

Jim Rogers recipe

Jim the Destroyer recipe

Jimbull recipe

Jo Jo recipe

Joan Mir recipe

Jock Collins recipe

Jock-In-A-Box recipe

Jocose Julep recipe

Joe Collins recipe

John Collins recipe

Johnny on the Spot recipe

Johnny Puke recipe

Jolly Jumper recipe

Joy Juice recipe

Joyce of Hillhouse recipe

Joy-To-The-World recipe

Jungle Wild recipe

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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