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Scottish Junior Football

Junior football is often mistaken for a level at which boys' football is played, but the term "junior" refers not to the age of the players but the level of football played. Football for youngsters is generally known as "youth" (up to Under-19) or "juvenile" (which is to Under-21 level) football. The closest equivalent to the "junior" terminology would be the Non-League football in England, the difference being that junior Scottish football is not integrated in the Scottish football league system.


Junior Leagues

The league structure is organised on a geographical basis, with the 159 member clubs being split into three regions:

West Region (61 clubs)
East Region (64 clubs)
North Region (35 clubs)


Recent League Winners

Season West Super League
Premier Division
West Super League
First Division
Ayrshire District League Central District League
First Division
Central District League
Second Division
200203 Pollok Arthurlie Lugar Boswell Thistle Kilsyth Rangers St Anthony's
200304 Kilwinning Rangers Bellshill Athletic Maybole Cambuslang Rangers Clydebank
200405 Pollok Kilsyth Rangers Largs Thistle Vale of Clyde Lanark United
200506 Auchinleck Talbot Neilston Irvine Meadow Lesmahagow Blantyre Victoria
200607 Pollok Irvine Meadow Kilbirnie Ladeside Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Ashfield
200708 Pollok Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Hurlford United Port Glasgow Vale of Leven
200809 Irvine Meadow Largs Thistle Dalry Thistle Rutherglen Glencairn Blantyre Victoria
200910 Beith Rutherglen Glencairn Hurlford United Cumbernauld United Johnstone Burgh


Scottish Junior Cup winners from 1887 - 2010

188687: Fairfield Govan
188788: Wishaw Thistle
188889: Burnbank Swifts
188990: Burnbank Swifts
189091: Vale of Clyde
189192: Minerva
189293: Vale of Clyde
189394: Ashfield
189495: Ashfield
189596: Cambuslang Hibs
189697: Strathclyde
189798: Dalziel Rovers
189899: Parkhead
189900: Maryhill
190001: Burnbank Athletic
190102: Rutherglen Glencairn
190203: Parkhead
190304: Vale of Clyde
190405: Ashfield
190506: Dunipace
190607: Strathclyde
190708: Larkhall Thistle
190809: Kilwinning Rangers
190910: Ashfield
191011: Burnbank Athletic
191112: Petershill
191213: Inverkeithing Thistle
191314: Larkhall Thistle
191415: Parkhead
191516: Petershill
191617: St. Mirren Juniors
191718: Petershill
191819: Rutherglen Glencairn
191920: Parkhead
192021: Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
192122: St. Roch's
192223: Musselburgh Bruntonians
192324: Parkhead
192425: Saltcoats Victoria
192526: Strathclyde
192627: Rutherglen Glencairn
192728: Maryhill Hibs
192829: Dundee Violet
192930: Newtongrange Star
193031: Denny Hibs
193132: Glasgow Perthshire
193233: Yoker Athletic
193334: Benburb
193435: Tranent
193536: Benburb
193637: Arthurlie
193738: Cambuslang Rangers
193839: Rutherglen Glencairn
193940: Maryhill
194041: Glasgow Perthshire
194142: Clydebank
194243: Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
194344: Glasgow Perthshire
194445: Burnbank Athletic
194546: Fauldhouse United
194647: Shawfield
194748: Bo'ness United
194849: Auchinleck Talbot
194950: Blantyre Victoria
195051: Petershill
195152: Kilbirnie Ladeside
195253: Vale of Leven
195354: Sunnybank
195455: Kilsyth Rangers
195556: Petershill
195657: Banks O' Dee
195758: Shotts Bon Accord
195859: Irvine Meadow
195960: St. Andrews United
196061: Dunbar United
196162: Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
196263: Irvine Meadow
196364: Johnstone Burgh
196465: Linlithgow Rose
196566: Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
196667: Kilsyth Rangers
196768: Johnstone Burgh
196869: Cambuslang Rangers
196970: Blantyre Victoria
197071: Cambuslang Rangers
197172: Cambuslang Rangers
197273: Irvine Meadow
197374: Cambuslang Rangers
197475: Glenrothes
197576: Bo'ness United
197677: Kilbirnie Ladeside
197778: Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
197879: Cumnock Juniors
197980: Baillieston
198081: Pollok
198182: Blantyre Victoria
198283: East Kilbride Thistle
198384: Bo'ness United
198485: Pollok
198586: Auchinleck Talbot
198687: Auchinleck Talbot
198788: Auchinleck Talbot
198889: Cumnock Juniors
198990: Hill of Beath Hawthorn
199091: Auchinleck Talbot
199192: Auchinleck Talbot
199293: Glenafton Athletic
199394: Largs Thistle
199495: Camelon
199596: Tayport
199697: Pollok
199798: Arthurlie
199899: Kilwinning Rangers
199900: Whitburn
200001: Renfrew
200102: Linlithgow Rose
200203: Tayport
200304: Carnoustie Panmure
200405: Tayport
200506: Auchinleck Talbot
200607: Linlithgow Rose
200708: Bathgate Thistle
200809: Auchinleck Talbot
2009-10: Linlithgow Rose

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100 Pipers by Unknown Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a', Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a', We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw, Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a'. O it's owre the border awa', awa' It's owre the border awa', awa', We'll on an' we'll march to Carlisle ha' Wi' its yetts, its castle an' a', an a'. Chorus: Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a', Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a', We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', an' a'. O! our sodger lads looked braw, looked braw, Wi' their tartan kilts an' a', an' a', Wi' their bonnets an' feathers an' glitt'rin' gear, An' pibrochs sounding loud and clear. Will they a' return to their ain dear glen? Will they a' return oor Heilan' men? Second sichted Sandy looked fu' wae. An' mithers grat when they march'd away. Chorus: O! wha' is foremos o' a', o' a', Oh wha' is foremost o' a', o' a', Bonnie Charlie the King o' us a', hurrah! Wi' his hundred pipers an' a', an ' a'. His bonnet and feathers he's waving high, His prancing steed maist seems to fly, The nor' win' plays wi' his curly hair, While the pipers play wi'an unco flare. Chorus: The Esk was swollen sae red an' sae deep, But shouther to shouther the brave lads keep; Twa thousand swam owre to fell English ground An' danced themselves dry to the pibroch's sound. Dumfoun'er'd the English saw, they saw, Dumfoun'er'd they heard the blaw, the blaw, Dumfoun'er'd they a' ran awa', awa', Frae the hundred pipers an' a', an' a'.
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