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Scottish Kings And Queens

List of monarchs of Scotland

House of Alpin (Ailpean)
* Kenneth I (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach I mac Alpin; Old Gaelic: Cináed mac Ailpín) (c.843–858)
* Donald I (Domhnall I; Domnall mac Ailpín) (858–862)
* Constantine I (Causantín mac Cináeda) (862–877)
* Áed (Aodh; Áed mac Cináeda) (877–878)

House of Strathclyde
* Eochaid (Eochaidh; Eochu) (878–889)

House of Alpin
* Giric (Giric; Giric mac Dúngail) (878–889)

House of Alpin (Restored)
* Donald II (Domhnall II; Domnall mac Causantín) (889–900)
* Constantine II (Causantín mac Áeda) (900–943)
* Malcolm I (Calum I; Máel Coluim mac Domnaill) (943–954)
* Indulf (Indulbh; Idulb mac Causantín) (954–962)
* Dub (Dubh; Dub mac Maíl Choluim) (962–967)
* Culen (Cuilean; Cuilén mac Iduilb) (967–971)
* Kenneth II (Coinneach II; Cináed mac Maíl Choluim) (971–?)
* Amlaíb (Amlaíbh; Amlaíb mac Iduilb) (after 973–977)
* Kenneth II (Coinneach II; Cináed mac Maíl Choluim) (977–995)
* Constantine III (Constantín III; Causantín mac Cuilén) (995–997)
* Kenneth III (Coinneach III; Cináed mac Duib) (997–1005)
* Malcolm II (Calum II; Máel Coluim mac Cináeda) (1005–1034)

House of Dunkeld
* Duncan I (Donnchadh I; Donnchad mac Crínáin) (1034–1040)

House of Moray
* MacBeth (MacBeatha; Mac Bethad mac Findláich) (1040–1057)
* Lulach (Lulach mac Gillai Comgain) (1057–1058)

House of Dunkeld
* Malcolm III (Calum III; Máel Coluim mac Donnchada) (1058–1093)
* Donald III (Domhnall III; Domnall mac Donnchada) (1093–1094)
* Duncan II (Donnchadh II; Donnchad mac Maíl Choluim) (1094)
* Donald III (Domhnall III; Domnall mac Donnchada) (1094–1097)
* Edgar (Eagar/Eadgar; Etgair mac Maíl Choluim) (1097–1107)
* Alexander I (Alasdair I; Alaxandair mac Maíl Choluim) (1107–1124)
* Saint David I (Daibhidh I; Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim) (1124–1153)
* Malcolm IV (Calum IV; Máel Coluim mac Enric) (1153–1165)
* William I (Uilleam I; Uilliam mac Enric) (1165–1214)
* Alexander II (Alasdair II) (1214–1249)
* Alexander III (Alasdair III) (1249–1286)
* Margaret (Mairead; Maighread) (1286–1290)
Margaret (Maid of Norway) was recognized as Queen by the Guardians of Scotland in the Treaty of Salisbury, but is often omitted from lists of Scots monarchs as she never set foot in Scotland and was never crowned at Scone.

First Interregnum

      Guardians of Scotland
* William Fraser, Bishop of St Andrews
* Duncan Macduff, Earl of Fife
* Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan
* Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow
* James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland
* John Comyn

House of Balliol (Bailiol)
* John (Iain) (1292–1296)

Second Interregnum

     Guardians of Scotland
* Andrew de Moray (1297)
* William Wallace (1297–1298)
* Robert the Bruce, Earl of Carrick (1298–1300)
* John Comyn (1298–1301)
* William Lamberton, Bishop of St Andrews (1299–1301)
* Sir Ingram de Umfraville (1300–1301)
* John de Soules (1301–1304)
* John Comyn (1302–1304)

House of Bruce (Bruis)
* Robert I the Bruce (Raibeart I) (1306–1329)
* David II (Daibidh II) (1329–1371)

House of Balliol
* Edward Balliol (Eideard) (Antiking 1329 – 1363)

House of Stewart
* Robert II (Raibeart II) (1371–1390)
* Robert III (Raibeart III) (1390–1406)
* James I (Seumas I) (1406–1437)
* James II (Seumas II) (1437–1460)
* James III (Seumas III) (1460–1488)
* James IV (Seumas IV) (1488–1513)
* James V (Seumas V) (1513–1542)

House of Stuart
* Mary I (Mairi I) (1542–1567)
* James VI (Seumas VI) (1567–1625), Union of the Crowns with Kingdom of England from (1603)
* Charles I (Teàrlach I) (1625–1649)
* Charles II (Teàrlach II) (1649–1685) (See also English Interregnum)
* James VII (Seumas VII) (1685–1689)
* Mary II (Mairi II) (1689–1694), co–monarch
* William II (Uilleam II) (1689–1702), co-monarch until 1694
* Anne (Anna) (1702–1714), [the Scottish throne was replaced with that of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707]

Jacobite Claimants
* James VIII (Seumas VIII), The Old Pretender, son of James VII, was claimant from 1701 until his death in 1766.
* Charles III (Teàrlach III),  The Young Pretender - better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, son of James VIII, was claimant from his father's death until his own death in 1788.
* Henry I (Eanraig I), brother of Charles III and youngest son of James VIII. Died in 1807 without offspring.

After 1807, the Jacobite claims passed first to the House of Savoy (1807–1840), then to the Modenese branch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (1840–1919), and finally to the House of Bavaria (since 1919). The current heir is Franz, Duke of Bavaria. Neither he nor any of his predecessors since 1807 have pursued their claim.

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